P & S Removals
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Living Rooms

Right from the start, even up to 12 weeks before the removal begins when all items to be removed from the house have

been confirmed, one of our surveyors will arrange an appointment to discuss all the options available to you and all the

requirements that will be necessary for the removal process and what needs to be included and excluded in the

estimates. Shortly after this, our team can confirm the moving and packing dates, remind you to fill out and return all

forms of importance and arrange contact with all organisations to make aware of changes in postal address. Closer to

  the time of the move you should make aware to family members, relatives, friends, deliveries and services that the

move is close to happening incase items need to be returned or services cancelled and disconnected.


Before the day of your move, we will remind you that you will need to be present on the day of the removal operation.

When our team arrives, you will need to show them around the house making it clear what needs to be removed and

any special requirements they need to know. Everything for removal needs to be packed properly for transportation. An

inventory check list may be required and signed at the end of the loading process and at the new location to ensure

that the customer is happy with the transportation and delivery. At the new location, you will need to be present to

advise our removal team on where to place items and to check the inventory list again.