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About us

As all workmen from the same profession do, they constantly compare the work of other workmen to their own,

reviewing them for different routines and techniques that they might learn from. P&S Hanway Removals make an

impression straight away on the haulage and removal industry all those years ago. When you look at these

professionals ar work you have a couple of reactions. The first is to judge them actually at work and how they approach

things; the second is your reaction to the results that they get. But when you see spacialists in this field giving you both

confidence and displaying professionalism, it is a reassuring experience. The items that require removal and relocation

by P&S Hanway Removals are dealt with carefully and with dilgence. With each removal and relocation there is so

much to take from their attention to detail and planning both at the start of the surveying stage right through to

  the final destination of the items. It shows their experience and knowledge even further. This website is designed to

show the full extent of services that this market leader can offer public customers and private clients. Also, it's parent

company, Piano Move shows many of their existing commercial and retail music client list as well as music

organisations including The Royal Irish Academy Of Music, James Adams Auctioneers, Yamaha  Instruments, Waldons

Music, Bonham's Of London and world renouned musicians like Hozier, Soo Jung Ann, Grace Jones as well as  the

biggest rock band  in the world U2 to name but a few.


Many other lesser removal companies claim to  be specialists in removal and relocation but have poor technical skill

and methods in removal especially when dealing with expensive and rare fine art items and antique furniture. Maybe to

the untrained eye this can pass as a professional service, but nothing could be further from the truth. For P&S  Hanway

  Removals their aptitude for careful removal and experience spanning over 30 years accumulates to more than just

understated differences. Their knowledge and expertise has always been relied upon and this is bourne through in the

quality of their work and their reputation of each removal. When professionals from the music world for instance, be they

classically trained musicians or the biggest rock acts in modern pop culture require the best specialists for removal and

transportation there is only one choice. P&S Hanway Removals. Each individual removal is made up of proficiency of

technique dedicated to  the task, experience over three decades and not taking the client or their property for granted.

Professionalism on every level.