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An Overview

Your home contents and furnishings are a very personal thing for you and your family. Even moving a couple of

items from one room ro another in your home can lead to debate as to whether they should have been

moved in the first place let alone accidentally damaging them in the process. But moving the entire contents of

your home from one house to another is far more formidable, challenging and stressful. This is where

professionalism takes priority. This is where an experienced removal company comes into their own and none are

more accomplished then P&S Hanway Removals.


The experience is the same with office and boardroom  contents and furnishings as well but with the exception that

commercial office contents are far more essential to  the running of a business. Time is money. Our business

clients have pressure on them all the time so keeping  any sort of disruption to a minimum is a service that P&S

Hanway Removals are experts in. The clients are always  in forefront of our mind. Getting the transportation

completed from one location to another is of paramount  importance.