P & S Removals
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Mission Statement

P&S Hanway Removals have a renouned and respected reputation for transporting priceless fine art and historic

antique furniture of cultural significance from private estates and collectors, galleries, museums and famous

auction houses. This area of the removal industrial is of an extreme specialised nature and few removal

companies are qualified enough or have the experience to do it properly. Trust is also a vital component in this

sector where compliance regulations and security are of the utmost importance. As dedicated specialists our

reputation precedes us to handle such irrplaceable items with the utmost responsibility and attention.


Knowledge is key. Paul and Stephen Hanway and their team can provide professional advise, consultation and if

needs be, solutions to any problems that the client may have regarding the relocation of the items in and

outside of the country realising the safe and secure transportation of items of any shape, size and importance.

All items destined for relocation are packed with high impact padding insurance for items of material and cultural

value that are transported to give piece of mind to the client and the organisation they represent.