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Welcome to P&S Removals

Welcome to P&S Hanway Removals. A family run business of long established reputation built on professionalism

within the area of removal and haulage transportation and relocations with a persistent ambition founded in 1986.

Build from the belief that it could bring new levels of reliability and professionalism that no one had ever thought

possible in the haulage transportation industry. From the company's beginnings to where it is now the results have

been remarkable.


It was that remarkable approach that was groundbreaking and innovation that allowed all it's domestic customers,

commercial clients, famous musicians and the fine art world to secure their planning of professional removals with

accuracy and commitment by experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled haulage specialists. On time, every time

in every direction., the unsurpassed work of P&S Hanway Removals has left an enduring impression of many decades

of customers, clients and competitors alike.


P&S Hanway Removals make their removals look completely professional and orchestrated to perfection. From the

moment the company came into being with their unique combination of experienced surveyors, extensive knowledge

and hard workers, it was obvious that a new authority within the haulage industry had arrived. This is a company that

has a practical understanding for domestic removals, a clinical approach for the commercial business client and a

relentless pursuit for the absolute highest standards for the fine art, historical antiques and music arena that one can

acquire. But also, for every transportation job that is carried out with success, the results filter down to the customer and

their family, or the business owner and their staff or to well known musicians and their entourage and management.

HIgh standards of reliability and professionalism are sought after and rare. When you deal with it, you know it. Straight

away you have piece of mind. You know you're dealing with professionals.


We could start with the first thing that people observe. The logistics and execution of the move.

Right from the start, P&S Hanway Removals leaves most of the industry far behind. The reason for this can be made

simple. When a piece of priceless fine art or musical instrument or array of period furniture have been outlined for

removal, planning and execution are one. Our ability and experience as successful haulage specialists come to the

fore. Our staff have a natural understanding with their superior level of work. Regardless of the type of removal project

that is commissioned the standard achieved is always the same and exceptional.


All of our removal and haulage contracts throughtout the decades have been undertaken by our removal specialists.

We strive to engage ourselves in any new methods and equipment of removal and transportation that has brought P&S

Hanway Removals to the forefront of the industry in Ireland as well as abroad and we always strive to give our clientele

the best standards and piece of mind at the most competitive prices to ensure their property arrives at it's new location

on time, every time, in the desired direction chosen.

What our Customers say?

"For over 25 years Hanway's are the only piano moving company in Ireland Pianos Plus recommend to move acoustic pianos. They are ultimate professionals and can be trusted to handle the most precious of instruments in the most difficult of circumstances."
"Paul and Stephen and their team did a fantastic job when we were moving house. Very professional service. Great guys."
"We could not have asked for a better removal team. No problems what so ever. Paul and Stephen took care of everything. Great service. Highly recommended."
"An excellent job from start to finish. Very prompt and knew exactly what they were doing. Everything went very smoothly. We would recommend them to anyone."
"Great work and got everything organised without a hitch. If you need a professional removal team, these are the guys you get. Would not hesitate to call them again."
"Hanway Haulage have been the Royal Irish Academy of Music's mover of choice for three decades. They are reliable, courteous and highly experienced movers. The RIAM's most precious physical assets are our pianos, and we have every confidence in this company's service."
"Hanway's have moved pianos for us, along with anything else we needed moving, for as long as I remember. They have always been a pleasure to work with and look after each piano as if it was their own. I couldn't recommend them highly enough as a company and as people to deal with."